Added on June 31

This was a first time experience with the beautiful amazing alluring miss Ginnie Leigh and it was very memorable. She sets the mood so relaxing and inviting that u just melt under the touch of her amazing magical hands and I almost fell asleep at one point because I was so relaxed but with them voluptuous sexy breasts of hers In my face I couldn't possibly fall asleep. Next I must talk about the way she stroked and rubbed and just treated my manhood with such a soft pleasing touch that I couldn't help but explode with such an orgasm my whole body shock from it. To finish she took a nice warm towel and whipped me down from head to toe then gave me a pat on the ass and sent me on my way. Definitely going to see her again and may try the nuru massage next time. 


Added on March 16

It was my first experience with a NURU massage. It won't be my last. With other massages with other providers, I have felt like I was on an assembly line. Not so with this fine lady. She made me feel special and you can't beat that.


Added on January 3

A month later and I still can't stop thinking about her. That was the most intense experience ever. She's beautiful and smart with a gush of sexy. Her massage skills are second to none and she's worth every penny. She truely is amazing.

The Big Guy

Added on November 14

She's the professional, personal touch. Beauteous and a hot sexy.....I need to make my next appointment !


Added on October 19

What can I say of her, how many words does it take to describe the perfect woman; one who creates the air of a Muse, making tangible a place where you feel you have always belonged. Her Nuru body experience translates into a slice of heaven, and you can feel her passion as she moves her body over you to bring you to the height of ecstasy. She is the Lucy in the sky with diamonds, with a kiss on the side of your lips before you go. Slowly said, she is amazing.


Added on August 17

After much anticipation I finally got the nerve and time visit Ginnie Leigh. I had read the reviews and just had to find out for myself if everything was true about the services she provided. Well I am happy to tell you positively YES! Ginnie Leigh is an incredibly amazing masseuse, extremely talented and exceeded my expectations!! Her sessions are very erotic and not rushed at all. I went for the NURU massage and trust me when I tell you how totally different it is compared to traditional massage. It starts with both you and her getting nude and then you lying face down on the plastic covered bed. Then Ginnie covers your backside with warn NURU liquid, rubbing it in at first with her hands and then sliding up and down on your body with hers, pretty intense and sexy. After the flip she lubes up the front side and begins sliding up and down, almost bringing you to an orgasm. Finally she takes ahold of your happiness and then the fireworks begin ending in a climactic orgasam. AMAZING! Ginnie Leigh is definitely not one to be missed if you want a truly erotic, pleasurable experience. I promise you will leave extremely happy : )


Added on July 28

Saw GInnie yesterday, and all her reviews are spot on. Quick and easy screening. 2 call method. Safe and discreet. She's hot sexy and her nuru is a hell of a lot of fun and you can tell she enjoys it too. If you've never had a nuru massage you have to go see her. 


Added on May 1

A friend told me about Ginny a few months ago. I wasn't sure about her screening, so I put off seeing her until I tweaked my back working out. That day my buddy finally talked me into contacting her. He'd been seeing her for months, so I figured she was safe. I sent my ID and within 2 hours I was on her table. Amazing isn't enough to describe her. Sensual, witty, smart, beautiful, funny, I could go on and on. Trying to just think of one thing I didn't like, and the only thing I can come up with is I should've booked it for 90 minutes. She doesn't rush the experience, the hour just flew by. Oh, and yes, she took care of my back like a pro. Best massage that I've ever had and she defines sensual erotic massage. 


Added on January 5

Saw Ginnie Leigh not too long ago. I'd been waiting for her to come visit us in Richmond for some time. She was well worth the wait! Discreet, 5 star hotel, slightly difficult to be screened, but I completely understand. She was only offering Nuru massages, something about not having her massage table and the bed being too low. I wasn't too keen on this, but hell, I wanted to have the Ginnie Leigh experience. I definitely wasn't complaining in the least. She's absolutely beautiful. Her pictures make her look bigger than she is and don't do her justice. She can hold an intelligent conversation as well. Her intuition is spot on and she's great at making you feel comfortable. But the massage is just out of this world. Nothing and no one compares. I couldn't even try if I wanted to. There's not too many masseuses in RVA and hers are Intensely erotic with a sense of Kama Sutra. She makes you wait, and wait... She brings you to the brink again and again until you don't even realize you're exploding. 


Added on December 8

GINNIE had been on my bucket list for over a year, I wish I'd seen her sooner, and look forward to seeing her again soon. She is absolutely sexy, intelligent and interesting. Time and money well spent on an experience I will not soon forget. 


Added on October 17

I have been hobbying for 7 years or more and I have seen Ginnie about 7 or 8 times over the last few years. Her massages are better than 90% of the FS ladies I have encountered. I have had disappointing or lankluster sessions with other ladies, but never with Ginnie. She gives 110% every single time. Her technique is superb and highly skilled. I have known her for a while, so I can't speak on her screening, but whatever you need to do to see her, it is well worth it, ten times over. She's gorgeous, sexy, and a pleasure to talk to and spend time with. I can't sing her praises loud enough. 


Added on October 8

I have been seeing Ginnie for 4 years on a fairly regular basis. Ginnie promotes herself as the go to place for the best massage in Southeastern Virginia. She is the best hands down and I am not a novice in massage. She is a very positive and attractive lady who loves what she does. She now has added a new dimension to her service with Nuru massage, and that is something that should be on your bucket list if you never have experienced one. Screening is mandatory and she does not make any exceptions. She has her rules and it is either her way or the highway but she will do her best to work with you to be sure that she is safe as well as her clients. Her fees are in line with those offering similar services, and although she may not be the cheapest in town, she is the absolute best value for the best massage. So if you are looking for the best massage, then hit her up. You will not be sorry.


Added on October 8

Just wanting to say Gennie your an Awesome Woman ...You deserve to be the best in the bizz...he will give 100% pure satisfaction it's worth guys!!! 

Willy Wonkas Sex Factory 

Added on September 21

First.. The screening can be a bother, but well worth it. Especially when she opens the door. She is beautiful. She checked my credentials again, and we were off heading upstairs. She made some small talk as I watched her dress fly up as we walked past the fan on our way up the steps. That first glimpse of her ass got my pants tight immediately. I'd read her reviews, and already, I knew I'd made the right choice, this wasn't going to be a disappointing 90 min. We walked into her massage room. Nice lighting, music, and a massage table. Very professional. As I laid on the table she was messing w something behind me, the anticipation was terrible. Then she smoothed hot lotion on my back and came around to the front of me. I looked up at this goddess. Perfect curves in all the right places, and those perfect tits were so close to my mouth. My head went back down immediately, worried I may go for her nipples and get slapped or kicked out. Then she explained her rules, she loves to be touched is all I heard. My hands went to her ass and was surprised at how soft her skin was. The next 90 minutes was pure bliss. Her massage is wonderful, I've never been touched like she touched me or never so aroused so quickly and for so long. Too many times I wanted to grab her and just take her, but somehow I think she senses these things and moved around to make sure she kept it slow and intense. At first I thought she was avoiding my touches, but now I know better. If I had my way, I would've sprayed my cum on those tits within the first 10 minutes. But she made me wait. She played w the boys in between working tenderly on some muscles, and tougher on the knots that needed it. She said it's supposed to hurt oh so good. Not be painful. She really does knows what she is doing, even the conversations were intelligent and intriguing. As she got further down to my legs she played more and more with the boys and finally she lightly skimmed my hardness with her nails. I thought I would explode right then. I hadn't even flipped over yet. She kept touching teasing pulling lightly at times, harder at others. She knows how to tease you and keep you on the very edge. She lightly touched my ass hole a few times, it felt intoxicating when she poured warm lotion on it and used a small toy to slowly tease me. I've never had my ass played with like that. I didn't think it would feel as good as it did. But damn! A continuous wave of intenseness that I've never experienced before and it dawns on me that this is what foreplay is. The flip. I was happy when she asked me to flip so she could see what she had done to me. But I was so relaxed it was almost impossible to find the energy to move. But the thought of being able to watch her touch me was all the motivation I needed. Slowly still teasing me again, barely touching my hard member, but teasing the boys, she began with my thighs and slowly worked her way up my chest. She knows where to touch you and how to touch you to keep you on the edge. Finally her hands full on go to doing what they obviously were made to do, and she knows how to do it. I'm hoping this isn't the end cause she's going at it so hard and intensely, but she stops all of a sudden and skims the boys n ends back up on my thighs. She does this many times, each time stopping right before I blow. At this point I'm thinking this is why they call her amazing. Then she slowly works her way back up to my nipples and teases them while she makes her way around the table towards my head. Then leans over to start rubbing me again. Her tits are in my face and I'm on them. Sucking and rubbing and you can tell she really likes it. She grabs me and goes at it. Again I'm thinking this is it. But no, she teases me over and over, finally I just can't take it any more and she doesn't stop. What an explosion. I haven't jizzed that far in years. She lingers for a moment and slowly rises up. I'm relaxed, spent, and can't move. Can't open my eyes, but I hear her doing something. Then a warm towel begins to glide over me. She's quiet, allowing me to just relax. Most places when it's over, it's over and you're out the door. But somehow she knows I need time to recover from this intense experience. She takes her time with hot towels slowly cleaning me up, and lightly touching me with her fingertips and nails. I flip back over for her to do the same on my back. When she was done she lightly taps my ass and asks how I feel. I can't move, and I groan. She laughs and says take your time. It does takes me some time to get up, she doesn't rush me. As I get dressed I watch her, still in her panties, wrapping up the towels in the sheet I was laying on. She is a gem. Beautiful and intelligent. She puts her dress back on and sits to wait for me making small talk while I finish getting dressed. We walk downstairs, and as I'm leaving she gives me a hug and a kiss. Wow. This is an experience that I intend to repeat often. If you want the best massage of your life, don't wait for months to contact her like I did. Just do it. She makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in when you see that beautiful smile. 


Added on July 10

I have been seeing Ginnie weekly for about 2 years. Yes, I'm addicted. She is beautiful, intelligent, witty, funny, and has a way of being the bright sunshine that she loves so much. Her massages are unbelievable though. Just the massage itself... I've been around the world twice, and had massages from different countries. She is the best. Hands down. Then add the erotic potion that she has mastered and you will receive the massage of your dreams. The hot oils, the hot towels she cleans you up with and the little extras here and there you wouldn't even think of. Don't pass her by. She really does give an amazing erotic massage. 


Added on June 19

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Ginnie. Had a 60 minute massage session, this was the best experience I have ever had. Ginnie is a very beautiful woman and really got into her work leaving me totally relaxed and wondering how soon I could come back for more. Ginnie is not only beautiful on the outside but even more inside. Read her website, you will not be disappointed. Treat her with respect and you experience will be overwhelming.


Added on May 26

I have been seeing Ginnie now for close to two years. Her massage alone is the best massage you will have. She has a magical touch that completely melts you. Ginnie uses warm oils, sensual, erotic touch, and various massage techniques. Time does fly when on her table as she relaxes every muscle you have and you will wish that it could last forever. You ride a incredible wave of pleasure with Ginnie. Once the massage is over, she wipes you down with hot towels and some soft touching. It's all the little things that go a long way to making a visit with Ginnie a truly awesome experience. 


Added on May 26

Yes, all of the reviews are true. GinnieLeigh is amazing at what she does! She epitomizes sensuality, but she is also comforting, welcoming, and always great to talk to. I've seen her a few times (and I will see her in a few days, and I can't wait!), I'm fairly new at this, so I was nervous the first time. But she put me completely at ease. The screening process was fairly simple, and I totally understand the reasons for it. She greets you at the door, invites you in, and makes you feel completely at ease. The massage is everything a man could hope for, both therapeutically as well as sensually. She really knows what she's doing, in every way! Visiting Ginnie is a brief oasis of wonderfulness! Oh, and she's also gorgeous! She also has the softest skin of anyone I've ever met. If you are in doubt about meeting GinnieLeigh, because you are deterred by her screening process, believe me, it's no big deal, and it's worth it! If you're weirded out by massage therapists, don't be. Ginnie is classy, beautiful, and professional in every way. She's also very interesting and a great conversationalist! I've loved every hour I've spent in her presence. But I think the best time is when I'm getting dressed, and she stays there and just makes small's a classy move! And the hug and kiss as I leave her house is very nice, and it just makes me want to come back!


Added on May 24

I have visited Ginnie many times, and I am here to tell you she sets the bar! You have to see Ginnie to fully appreciate how incredible she is. She is a gorgeous lady who puts you at ease immediately. Once you are on her massage table, her true talent comes out. She will totally relax you, make you melt, set you on fire, and and then quench all the cravings she stirs. Go see her - you will not be disappointed!


Added on May 22

I might as well admit it. I 'm addicted. I have been seeing Ginnie for 4 years now. I was nervous on the first visit about the screening process, but Ginnie immediately set me at ease. At first, I would repeat about every 3 weeks. Then it became every 2 weeks, and now it just about weekly as long as my schedule allows it. If I could, it would be daily. A pretty lady with mesmerizing eyes, and massage skills that even the best CMT's do not have, Ginnie can work out the kinks while at the same time keeping a good conversation going if you want, and letting you drift away if that is what you prefer. Anyone who is on the fence about an amazingeroticmassage should just go for it. You will be amazed at how great you will feel.


Added on May 21

Ginnie is some kind of sorceress at the massage table. While some massage providers offer excellent sessions, none will touch you in quite the same way. The GL experience is Exquisitely sensual. It will leave you weak in the knees for hours. Words don't adequately convey The effect of her magic. So trust the many many reviews singing her praises. An hour or so with Ginnie will be the best one of your life.