I need to screen you 1st... (to make sure you are not a cop... before you come to my place) text or email me back with what way is best for you.... If you are active duty military, a contractor or DOD, or have a Govt issued ID, just email or text me a pic of your of the top of your ID, no names, just pic and exp date.  I will still need to see your ID in person when you get here, so bring it with you. 

I give an erotic and sensual massage that will leave you Happy!
Massage is 150/60min, 210/90min

Nuru 200/60 min, 300/90 min
Please let me know which massage you're booking me for. 
Cash only! 

If you read my reviews, and follow my links to other reviews you will find out all you need to know about me and my services.

OK.. So now you are saying GREAT! What next? What do I do now?

Basically, I need to verify what you do for a living... 

If you have a full time job, I know you're not a cop. 

I need to verify that you are not LE (a cop). 

You saying that you're not does me no good. 

I can verify you in ONE of the following ways....

ID work Badge:
Let me know if the company you work for has issued you a company badge. Schools, Hospitals, Shipyard, Merchant Marines. etc  You can send me a pic of your work ID. If you need to hide the name that's fine. 

Business Credit Card:
If you own a business, or work for a company who has issued you a company credit card,  I can accept that (not business card, business CREDIT card) w your name and your company name on it and I can match it to your DL. Send me a pic of your Company Credit Card (no numbers) with your name and your company name. Send me a pic of your Drivers License include the picture, exp date and name, you can cover the other info. 

You live more than 70 miles away:
If you are from out of town... more than 70 miles away... I can look at your DL. Send me a pic of your DL, I need to see the picture, city, and exp date. (Some don't quite understand this one... So, just to clarify, 70 miles away from where you are seeing me.)

2 References from known Providers:
If you have seen other providers, you can give me names and email addresses, and I can email them for references. I need 2 references from local providers. (I do not phone other providers, I need to verify they are providers before I email them, their email address is normally how I locate them and their info) I also suggest you let them know that I will be contacting them for a reference. It's easier and we all appreciate the heads up so there is no confusion or time wasted on trying to figure out which Tom, Dick or Harry you are. 

I also have reviews on AvenueX and Erotic Monkey.

I understand that my screening is intense... but it's not just for my safety, it is for your safety and my regular clients safety as well. I see many VIP in the area, just as you need your discretion and safety, they do as well. I cannot have the wrong people come to my door. If this is too much to ask, I understand and wish you much luck in all of your endeavors.;